Online Casino : Our ratings

Online Casino : Our ratings Before the public trusted us, we can tell you that it took a few months. It must be said that on the net, guides such as ours, you find them by the dozen, you have thousands of results on Google so we understand the difficulty that you, readers, have to choose. It is not only by word of mouth, but in part, that we have conquered the hearts of the public. It’s true that when you’re satisfied, then you’ll spread the message and that’s how we got ourselves known. Moreover, according to the comments we receive on our mailbox, you are always more numerous to follow our articles dedicated to the online casino UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Today, if we are so appreciated, it is above all because we are credible, the information we give is accurate and verified, the advice we offer pays, in short, you trust us. But we wanted to be transparent with you once again, so we decided to tell you more about our selection procedure for the casinos we promote on our website. Other sites are also brilliant in the amount of information they make available to English online casino players, such as

Our selection criteria

You have seen that we have a Top on our homepage with the best online casinos of the moment. We thought it was important to tell you more about the criteria we look at in particular to determine whether an online casino is quality or not. Then you will understand why some casinos are rated better than others and also, if one day you want to go looking for an establishment on your own, you will already have something to work on:

  • Games: you are on an online casino to play, to have fun, so the games better be entertaining, varied so you never get bored and beautiful using the latest technology for. The best example is the successful 3D slot machine.
  • Software(s): a casino uses one software for its platform and others sometimes for the games. Casinos with a large number of software are often more interesting for users because of the diversity of its offer.
  • Bonus: Everyone knows today that what makes the popularity of online casinos is their bonuses in part. Because we know that you like to play with bonuses, we pay special attention to them.
  • Payment methods: to play in an online casino and win money, you have to deposit first of all and for this you have several methods. Our goal here is to make sure that all procedures are working properly and that the casino pays its players.
  • Customer service: if you have a problem at an online casino, even if you are at home, you are not alone, assistance is there to help you. It is therefore important for us to check the quality and availability of this service.

Now you know how we can offer you such high quality online casinos. This method is very similar to that of the Swiss site and this is quite normal because we are partners with them, that’s why.