Online Casino: Making a withdrawal

Online Casino: Making a withdrawal You have arrived at the most expected moment in the life of an online casino player, it is obviously the withdrawal of winnings, it means that you have won money in a game, the withdrawal means that you have beaten the casino your due. It’s a stressful time for a player because unfortunately with all the negative things you hear about casinos, it’s easy to get the wrong idea. That’s why when you start your withdrawal operation, you always have a little stress inside you and that’s quite normal but we are here to reassure you, we know that if you have chosen the right online casino, then nothing will happen to you, and for that, nothing beats our ranking of casinos made by our specialists.
Solutions to withdraw your money

You may have known in the past, a whole bunch of solutions for withdrawing money in casinos but with the restrictions that the English market has known, this is no longer the case. You now have three options to get your money back, one of which is disappearing:

  • Neteller: this electronic wallet is very famous in the world of online gambling, in UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, it is the only one allowed at the moment, the others no longer work for this type of transaction. You will therefore only have to open an account. It will be quite simple since you will then only have to check your account with a copy of your ID and a bill showing your address. Once you have done this, you will first need to make a deposit at the casino and then you will be able to take your winnings back. The advantage of this technique is that the money is received quickly and then you can dispose of it as you wish, either by sending it to your bank account, or by paying with your Neteller account at other sites, or by using the Neteller credit card that you can order when opening your account.
  • Bank transfer: this is the method that all players used until not so long ago, but it easily takes you two to three days longer than Neteller to receive your money. The advantage is that you receive it directly to your bank account, which is a big advantage.
  • Bank cheques: if before this was very common, now it is much less so, as it is much too long and too expensive too. This is why casinos have removed it from their offers.

About withdrawals

So you’ve had a chance to learn more about the three options for withdrawing winnings, but what you also need to know is that when you withdraw a win, you’ll always see your withdrawal pending for about a day, this is the withdrawal period, during which you’ll be able to reverse your withdrawal and therefore take your money back to play again.