Online Casino: Making a Deposit

Online Casino: Making a Deposit This is one of the best moments we’ve ever had, after choosing an online casino and learning a few rules of the game if needed, it’s now time to start playing your favorite game but because the financial winning side of the casino attracts you, you’ll have to make a first deposit to credit your player account and thus access the real mode that the establishment offers and which is opposed to the fun mode. But here it is always easier to say than to do except that with our article, you will learn how to spot the payment methods, so you will be ready when the fateful moment has come.
Solutions to deposit your money

To deposit your money, you will have three main families of deposit methods that we have chosen to introduce to you:

  • Bank cards: they can be VISA, Mastercard or American Express, they are easy to use, that’s probably why players have made them their preferred means of deposit. All you have to do is take your card and enter all the information about it, i.e. the big number and expiry date, the CVV code, and then the billing information, mainly the address. In a few seconds the operation will be completed.
  • Neteller: this method is called e-wallet, it is a kind of financial intermediary between your bank account and the websites on which you will spend your money. With this solution, you won’t have any bank details to enter, you just have to enter your Neteller password and your nickname and that’s it. However, in order to make the first deposit, you will have to verify your identity, this phase is not complicated since you only need to send your copy of passport or identity card as well as a proof of address. Once this is done, you will be able to credit your Neteller account by wire transfer or credit card and then send the money to your casino account. If before there were several e-wallets in the world of online casinos, now there is only Neteller. In addition to Neteller, there are many other e-wallets. One of them is Paypal, since we discovered this way of paying via the article of our colleagues.
  • Prepaid tickets: this is a method that has really come to the fore in recent years. Indeed, before they were not popular but now, one player out of 5 uses these tickets. All you have to do is buy them on the net or at an authorized dealer. They are well suited for players who want to remain completely anonymous on deposits. On these tickets, you will have a serial number, this is the one you need to enter to get the money into your casino account, it’s child’s play.

To know about money deposits

In responsible casinos, you have a limit that is set so that you cannot deposit more than such an amount in an hour or in a day. So if you’re already at multiple deposits, don’t be surprised if you get stuck, it’s perfectly normal.