Online Casino : Bonuses

Online Casino : Bonuses If you have read our article on tips for winning at the online casino, then you have learned that we believe that using bonuses would make it easier for you to win in your games. In fact, we find that players who activate promotions are statistically luckier, is this just a coincidence, not certain. That’s why we think it’s important to play with bonuses, at least once to make sure that you support this type of promotions. Then it’s up to you to decide what you will do for the rest of your gaming experience.
What a bonus does for you

A bonus or also called promotion, is a marketing action of the online casino which will consist in offering you money, either because you have made a deposit, it becomes a complement, or for free, it becomes a pure and simple gift. It is also important to know that a bonus is always surrounded by conditions, whether it is free or with a deposit. These conditions, we are not going to tell you about them now, we preferred to dedicate an entire article to this because it is a very important notion that all players should know before starting a game with a bonus.
Types of bonuses

Here we will introduce you to all the types of bonuses we have found in the online casinos we have visited:

  • The free registration bonuses, the casino offers them to you as soon as your registration is finished, this bonus will be free, it does not require any deposit from you but is not very important, can be 10 to 15 euros maximum, it will thus serve you more to discover the casino than to win crazy sums of money.
  • First deposit bonuses are very popular with players as these bonuses will allow you to double, triple and sometimes more than double your initial deposit. These are clearly the biggest bonuses of the moment, you won’t find better, if you feel like trying, then without a doubt, you should do so.
  • The deposit bonuses are the bonuses that will come next when you deposit. You will still be entitled to activate a promotion but it will be lower than the previous bonus. No matter what, it will still allow you to upgrade your bankroll to start your game anyway.
  • The referral bonuses, they will be given to you (because they are free) if you invite a friend to play in the casino and that friend makes a first deposit. This is a way of thanking you for selling the merits of the online establishment, you then enter the skin of a salesman. For your information, they are usually 50€.
  • Birthday bonuses, it’s your birthday, so don’t hesitate to claim a bonus from the casino who will give it to you without hesitation, they are quite generous in general, this bonus will be free and worth from 25€ to 50€, another good opportunity to win without having to deposit.

There you go, you know the main bonuses in an online casino. You’ll come across others, since casinos have an overflowing imagination to create these promotions, only one thing to do is to read the terms and conditions of play.