Online Casino: Bonus Conditions

Online Casino: Bonus Conditions You may have learned in our previous article on bonuses what types of promotions you will have to do online. You won’t have any more trouble selecting the right promotion for you since you now know what they are. But in our article we started to warn you about the conditions. It’s not that these conditions are insurmountable, it’s just that you need to be aware that they exist, because the opposite would lead to misunderstanding on your part, which would be followed by a dispute with the casino, which you want to avoid absolutely.
The casino has to protect itself

The conditions, even if most players regret them, they would not like to have to face them, they appear to be mandatory. Indeed, can you imagine the situation if the online casino distributed money galore without imposing any conditions, players could then freely withdraw this money and in this case, within a few months, it would be bankruptcy assured for the casino owner. That is why the casinos have imposed strict rules. But beware, strict does not mean unfeasible, so all the players who complain that they cannot meet the conditions is that they may not have tried at all before making a judgment.

Speaking of judgments, check out the reference site for English online casinos, all English speaking players will find useful information in the reviews of several online casinos that have been sifted through.

The main conditions

So here are the conditions you will have to do, and which seem to us to be the most important to know, even if the ones we will see more must also be respected for everything to go normally:

  • Betting conditions: for each bonus you will activate, you will have to make a certain number of bets. This means that you will play as many times as the casino tells you to before you are able to withdraw any winnings you may have made during your game. You’ll see for yourself that even if the numbers are high, you’ll quickly reach the required goals.
  • Withdrawal conditions: Each time you complete the required wagering, you will be able to withdraw your money, the money you have just won during your game. This amount is capped, so you can’t withdraw as much as you want, although you should understand that the amounts allowed are very high.

To calculate the values (allowed bets and withdrawals), you have formulas in the conditions but if you prefer to make sure, then you have the customer service department at your disposal.

The secondary conditions

Then, what we call secondary are the conditions that will not necessarily apply to a bonus but that you should know all the same:

  • Conditions of play: not all games are playable with all bonuses, check that yours is.
  • Deposit conditions: Some bonuses may only be available to you if you have a special payment option to make your deposit, so please check which one you wish to use.