Joker Millions Slot: Yggdrasil’s machine can change lives

Ten oranges adorn the sparse reels of our slot machine, several paylines are hit, our mouth corners point steeply upwards, because we expect a juicy win. But what is that? Only €2.00. That can’t be, we agree. A look at the rules will teach us better, because oranges don’t seem to be worth much with this fruit vending machine. But at least, the €2.00 allows us a few more attempts at the jackpot.

This dilemma experienced players of jackpot machines know. Regular winnings are nice, but unfortunately only a drop in the ocean. In the end these small winnings only keep you afloat for a while, actually it should already be the jackpot, because that’s why we are here.

Technical features

Joker Millions comes up with five reels, each equipped with three symbols. 25 pay lines give the player many opportunities to take home a win. The coin values between €0.01 and €1.00 allow bets between €0.25 and €25.00. Admittedly, there are games with higher maximum bets. But the maximum chance of winning the jackpot is already €25 at Joker Millions, which is definitely a reason to cheer.

For the slot machine to come along without a story at Joker Millions, the presentation is very successful. Yggdrasil doesn’t allow the player to be distracted from the goal of hitting the jackpot. All effects are colorful, but they don’t interfere with the analytical and professional gameplay feeling that this calculated project brings with it. With this, Yggdrasil has struck exactly the right balance between graphic finesse and straightforwardness.

Joker Millions comes with the five usual fruit symbols, as well as the bell and the 7 in the online casino of your choice. These symbols are classically designed so nothing stands in the way of a smooth and fast game play. You can even play Joker Millions on your smartphone. But be careful not to frighten your fellow human beings when you’re in the tram giving your famous cheers!

bonuses and winnings

Joker Millions is played for exactly one reason: The jackpot. This was over €1,600,000 during our test, making it one of the biggest jackpots available to you to win online. On your way to this jackpot you will come across a few fruits that will give you small winnings for in between. But to add a little spice to the fruit salad, Yggdrasil has decided to add a multiplier to the slot machine. This is a five-level multiplier, and to activate the multiplier, a roller must bear the same symbol three times. For example, if a whole sack of oranges lands on the first two reels, the x3 multiplier is activated and the winnings are multiplied by a factor of 3.

Now to the jackpot. The Joker is your best friend and your biggest enemy at Joker Millions. Make sure you always treat the gentleman with the funny cap well, offer him a bite of your pizza and sing him a song. Because the best thing that can happen to you is a Joker calling his colleagues to have a party at your place. The first step to the jackpot is when you have at least one Joker on every role. Then the jackpot game starts. During this time a re-spin is executed, so the reels are rotated again, but the jokers remain on their position and this process is repeated until no new joker appears. As you might imagine, you have hit the jackpot as soon as the joker is home on every available position. If it’s not enough to win the Jackpot, the Jokers will leave you up to 1,000 coins each.

If you’re a fan of Jackpot and Fruit machines, you’ll find a real friend in Joker Millions. Yggdrasil has put the proven Fruchtautoamten concept into an appealing facade and added a working feature with the multiplier.