24 Online Slot Review

The US-American Series 24 is one of the most innovative series of its time. In seasons one through eight, the series tells the story of a 24-hour period in which Special Agent Jack Bauer has to fight a threat. The online casino game developer iSoftBet has now brought the well-known series into online casinos.

The subject of the series are the prevention of terrorist attacks, the detection of assassins and the uncovering of far-reaching conspiracies – even within the government. Action and tension in their purest form. The real-time action and the use of splitscreens have made the series famous and these elements were later adapted in others. Among others in a Simpsons parody.

The main role in the series is played by Kiefer Sutherland. He plays the role of Jack Bauer, who works as a federal agent for the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). Each season covers a 24-hour span of action and depicts the events from different perspectives: The one by Jack Bauer, that of the US president and also that of the terrorists / gangsters.

Rating: 24 Online Slot

Casino Software developer iSoftBet developed the online slot for the series in collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox. The result is an action-packed online slot that should inspire the fans of the series. iSoftBet has succeeded in creating an atmospheric slot that transfers the suspense of the series and its protagonists into the world of online casinos.

Game Trailer

Graphics and Symbols

Graphically, iSoftBet has done a great job with this online slot. Where the first season of the series already looks as if it was shot in the early 90s, the slot shines with sophisticated, modern graphics and elaborate animations. Scenes from the series don’t miss out either. The slot has 5×3 reels and 10 paylines. On the reels the players encounter Jack Bauer, weapons, the 24 logo. The remaining symbols are kept in the digital number style of the series.

Wild symbol

The 24 logo is the wild symbol. It is a so called “Sticky Wild”, and can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4.

If it appears on the reels, it stops there and turns up to three other symbols into wild symbols. These remain in place for the subsequent free spins, allowing big wins.

Scatter icon

There is also a scatter icon that can be recognized as such by the green lettering. This symbol has no further function in the 24 Online Slot, it only gives the player a win.

If it appears on all five reels there are 500 coins, for four reels there are 200 coins and for three reels 100 coins.

Bonus function

Of course there is also a bonus game in the 24 online slot. It’s actually ubiquitous, because a bonus countdown appears at the top right of the screen, which slowly counts down from 24 each time the reels start moving. This can take a few minutes or longer. When the countdown is zero, the bonus game begins.

The bonus game is a treat for all fans of the series. They help Jack Bauer, who faces a number of terrorists. In a kind of ego-shooter the players have to send the terrorists “over the Jordan”. There is a prize for every terrorist killed. If the player succeeds in hitting three of the same colors, there are 10,000 bonus coins to be won.

Bomb Disarm Bonus

And the 24 online slot has another treat to offer: A bonus game in which Special Agent Jack Bauer is asked to defuse a bomb. The trick: The game is triggered when three or more bonus symbols appear somewhere on the reels.

Bomb Disarm Bonus

Depending on the number of bonus symbols, the time Jack Bauer has to cut the right wires will be calculated. Is it the red ones? Or the green ones? Every wrong cable makes time run faster, for every right one there is a multiplier (up to 10 times!) and a little extra time.

Free Spins

In Free Spins mode, players receive up to 10 free spins. There may be a shooting during this period. A rifle appears on the screen and shoots at the symbols. So the whole reel can turn into a wild symbol. The so-called “Wild Reel feature” allows many winning combinations and massive payouts.

If a pistol appears and shoots at the reels, individual symbols can turn into wild symbols. This feature is called “Random Wild”. Then there is the “Block of Wilds” feature, where terrorists throw a bomb and this can turn 2×2 symbols into wild symbols.

Result: 24 Online Slot

The 24 Online Slot iSoftBet really succeeded. It’s an action-packed slot with high entertainment value that won’t only excite fans of the series. Play it now for free – or look for more free slots um!